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Driving Evaluations and Adaptive Equipment Instruction

Safety and care behind the wheel and on the road

About Us

Safety is our Top Priority

 The Evaluator Driving Company cares about your safety behind the wheel and the safety of others.  

The Evaluator will provide not only a confidential, clear and consise assessment of your driving abilities to a designated physician, occupational therapist, or to the NC DMV Medical Review Board, but I can also recommend and coordinate the installation of adaptive equipment for your vehicle if needed.

What sets this company apart from other driving instruction and evaluation companies is that I will come to you (your home, place of business, etc), use your vehicle to do evaluations if that makes you more comfortable and drive in this familiar location.  I also have company vehicles inspected by the DMV annually for driving instruction with an instructor's brake and a vehicle equipped with hand controls. 

I am Paul Riley, the owner and operator of the Evaluator Driving Company since 2013.  I am a DMV Certified Drivers Educator.  The company has been in operation since 2001.  I work closely with many adaptive equipment retail installation companies in North Carolina as well as large medical facilities in the central NC area so communication and services will go smoothly.

Driving is a privilege, not a right.  Let me instruct you on how to drive your handicap equipped vehicle or regular vehicle in a safe and professional manner.  Prices vary depending on your location and services.  Please call for an estimate.


Driving Evaluations

Behind the Wheel Driving Evaluations provide an assessment of an individual's driving abilities in a real driving situation.  My reports are comprehensive in nature, detailing how the driver performs when driving. This includes but not limited to the following:

* Steering

* Stops and starts

* Right and left turns

* Use of vehicle controls

* Lane changes

* Driving in reverse & Parking

* Speed control

* Road sign knowledge

* Memory assessments

* Divided attention

* Perceptional skills

* Route planning

* Visual scanning

* Decision making

* Physical abilities - in/out vehicle, arm reach, hand dexterity, leg/foot use, neck rotation  

What should you do if a loved one is driving unsafely? 

 First, determine if it is a medical condition causing the problem.  Tell their doctor of their driving issues.  The doctor can refer them for a behind the wheel driving evaluation with The Evaluator Driving Company.  The driver must have a valid drivers license to complete the evaluation.  I will send my detailed report with recommendations in regards changes in the driver's driving practices (if needed) back to the doctor. They will decide based on the driver's medical condition(s) and my recommendations what further action may be necessary regarding the driver's license and/or driving practices.  They will discuss this with your loved one.

Adult Driving Instruction (Including Physically Challenged)

Driving Instruction is offered for physically challenged individuals using adaptive equipment. Instruction is provided in our company vehicle with full hand controls and spinner knob.  

​Allow me to evaluate what your needs prior to buying adaptive equipment. A report will be sent to the equipment retailer of your choice letting them know you have been trained in the adaptive equipment so they know what to install in your vehicle. 

​Driving Instruction for adult drivers (over 18 years old) with a learner's permit can be purchased in a 5 hour package or in individual hourly instruction rates depending on needs.


You have changed the dreadful fear I had in operating a motor vehicle to a pro-active driver who is more prepared to handle different driving scenarios than I could have ever imagined.

                         Giny Fouda, MD. PHD

                         Duke Medical Ctr.

​Words cannot express my gratitude.   Thanks for pushing me on to reach my goals!

             Cassie Howard

                 Durham, N.C.

​As a CP patient you have helped me to reach goals of being a independant driver.   Your calm and patient approach help develope the skills I needed.     One can see Jesus through you.   

                        Holly Elizabeth Uzzle

                        Durham, N.C.

​Thank you so much for the education and experience you provided for our social day program called Club REACH.  They have continued to talk about how much they enjoyed learning about the modifications to return to driving.

     Elizabeth Penny LRT/CTRS

                     Wake Med Health and Hospitals

     REACH Program

     Raleigh, NC

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If you still have questions please feel free to call during business hours. If Mr. Riley doesn't answer, leave a message with your name and phone number.  Mr. Riley is often out doing evaluations off and on throughout the day but will get back with you as soon as possible. Your call is important!


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